Relocom Enterprises offers a variety of services to its clients in the Greater Toronto Area. When companies move their offices, the process of relocating the IT infrastructure in a safely manner and ensuring that the equipment is back in a pre-move status in the new location can overload the internal IT team. In order to minimize the impact of relocation on your business operations, Relocom Enterprises services help your staff return to pre-move efficiency as soon as possible

Relocom Enterprises IT Relocation service provides a five-step process to minimize downtime and lost employee productivity:

    • Planning – by professionally planning your move, we minimize unexpected problems and    delays
    •  Preparation – we dispose of and donate equipment that is no longer needed.
    •  Site review – Prior to the actual move, the project manager visits your new site to review cabling and other requirements.
    •  Relocate – we disconnect, relocate, and reconnect systems.
    •  Completion – after the move and re-connection, we perform commissioning and final tests to make sure your system is back to its pre-move status.

Relocom Enterprises has managed a wide range of computer relocation projects anything from nationwide relocation  moves to smaller same-building re positioning. Our projects managers will work hand in hand with your IT team and will oversee the de-installing, moving and re-installing of your computer systems.

The goal is next business day completion, no matter the complexity.


  • Server andd Data centre relocation
  • PC and office IT moves
  • Express computer courier
  • Internal moves and changes
  • Data cabling and labelling
  • Installation and rol-out of new equepment
  • Recycling and secure data destruction

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